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My name is Jennie Rivera, but please feel free to call me “Jen,” this blog is not going to be in any way formal, in fact we are going to get a little personal…maybe too personal.

I want to use this platform, not in any way to air out my dirty laundry or go on long unnecessary tangents, but to simply find self healing.

Being “the quite one” for most of my life I have decided to finally break my silence. I will always come from a place of vulnerability and honesty. I hope you will all be vulnerable with me and find emotional strength through it.

So what is with the title? “It Gets Better.” I have often heard this phrasing from my grandmother, a muse, a woman of great wisdom, the person who has influenced a great deal of sage wisdom into my life.

I remember her collections of books on spirituality, with specific highlighted notes in the margin on “being positive” and “spiritual content” whatever that means.

My grandmother was also a writer aside from being a wise woman. I remember the many Hallmark cards I would get in the mail, the stream of confetti stuffed inside the envelopes.

I remember her script handwriting, her motivational spiels and words of encouragement. She has always been the driving force into changing my outlook from the glass half empty to the glass half full. I would like to be the driving force for you all too.

So in the words of my grandmother, it will get better.

Life loves you.

I love you.